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March 29, 2020 @ 1:20 am

The Drawbacks of Using the Merchant Cash Advance to Increase Your Business Working Capital

You may desire to know where you can get fast capital when experiencing business cash flow problems. You may, therefore, settle for the merchant cash advance. You will aim to use your future sales to secure the funding. Most entrepreneurs quickly assume that merchant cash advance is the best solutions for the working capital problems they are facing. It is smart to examine the drawbacks and benefits of the merchant cash advance. The goal is to learn when you should settle for the merchant cash advance. Here are some of the drawbacks of using the merchant cash advance to increase your business working capital.

The government’s regulations are the first thing to examine when seeking funding to overcome the current cash flow problems your business is facing. It is wise you settle for the regulated short-term financing. Lenders in this area adhere to fair lending regulations when offering short-term financing. Being unregulated is a major limitation for selecting the merchant cash advance. The reason is that the lenders are the ones who come up with the terms for the lending. The lenders will look for ways to profit most from the merchant cash advances they offer. Thus, it is wise you consider other financing option and only choose the merchant cash advance when everything else fails.

The merchant cash advance also expose your company to the threat of negative cash flow. It is essential to know that you are using your future sales revenue to pay back the loan. The challenge, however, is that the only a small portion of the sales revenue is business profit. Due to this you may spend money for getting new stock on paying the advance thus being forced to get another advance. You may, therefore, discover that your company always have debts that it repays and borrows again. Hence, instead of the merchant cash advance, it is crucial you explore other available short-term funding alternatives.

The high cost of the merchant cash advance is what makes it unfavourable for your business. It is essential when seeking short-term funding, you evaluate the cost. To boost your working capital you need to look for an affordable alternative. With the merchant cash advance the lenders knows you are desperate. Therefore, they charge high fees since they feel that you don’t have an option. Therefore, in the long term, the merchant cash advance may cost you more than the benefits you get. To avoid these money problems in the future, you should prefer other options instead of the merchant cash advance.

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