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May 7, 2020 @ 1:10 pm

Significance of Scrubs Worn by Doctors in Hospital

Scrubs are clothes worn mostly buy doctors , surgeons,nurses and other people working in hospital. Inmost cases they are very lose and cozy. They mostly come in cool colors such as blues and grey. You will rarely find them in very bright colors. Doctors say its like wearing pajamas to work. Scrubs are not limited to hospitals but can be worn by anyone even at home. Since they are so comfortable they are worn to be as well. This article will discuss the benefits of wearing scrubs by medical doctors.
We can all agree that scrubs are the most comfortable type of dressing, especially when worn to work. Medical practitioners must be comfortable when conducting their job . For that reason ,doctors jobs are very delicate and need to focus as patients are depending on them.
Medical doctors are always doing multiple things and attending to many patients on a daily basis. This means they are on their feed more. The scrubs are the best to absorb sweat since they are made of cotton. This makes the doctors very comfortable even in sweaty situations.
Scrubs come in very good material such as cotton. Therefore they are easily washable. Doctors easily catch blood, dirt etc due to their nature of work, hence their clothes should be easy to clean to make sure they do their job without any hindrance. As a result hospitals are able to save money since the scrubs once worn are not disposed but are reused after washing them.
Doctors do not have to over buy home clothes for working since they are allowed to wear scrubs to work. Reason being doctors most time is spent in hospitals looking after patients and not wearing their own clothes. With very few clothes doctors can survive thus saving them a lot of money.
When one wears scrub they take a very short time to prepare themselves. If doctors wore their own clothes to work, it would mean a lot of time is wasted trying to find the best clothes for the day. This in turn means time wasted that could have been used to take care of patients.
When wearing scrubs doctors are able to perform their duties without any hindrances. Because of the demands of their job, doctors do not need distractions. Doctors are respected by patients since they choose to be comfortable at work instead of bothering with fashion. Patients are given undivided attention and cared for very well.
The doctors mood can be affected by the clothes they are wearing. Moods and feelings of doctors are affected by the clothes they wear meaning if they are not comfortable they will not treat their patients very well. When wearing scrubs the doctors are mostly in a good mood since they feel comfortable.

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