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October 5, 2019 @ 5:23 am

Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Tips on How to Deal With It

Are you among those women who had morning sickness that bothers and affects them significantly? Does the smell and taste of foods make you feel vomit and nauseated? Do you spend majority of your time inside the bathroom, vomiting? If you are among these women, then probably you are suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. To know more about it and ways of dealing with it, then continue reading this article.

There are some women out there who experienced troublesome pregnancies while others don’t. For those who encountered severe or worse morning sickness that resulted to hospitalization due to severe loss of bodily fluids. To differentiate the two, you need to be familiar and to know between severe and regular morning sickness so you will know the proper way to deal with it and to treat it.

The bodies of women encountered diverse changes during their pregnancy that affects their digestive system and result to morning sickness. Good for some women who don’t suffer morning sickness and those who encountered mild morning sickness but not for those who experienced severe morning sickness.

Definition of Hyperemesis Gravidarum

When we talk of hyperemesis gravidarum, we refer to the excessive vomiting of women during pregnancy. Most often, it occurs during their first trimester of pregnancy. When pregnant women are hospitalized due to hyperemesis gravidarum, they received varied treatments, ranging from medications to intravenous fluid treatment. According to studies, around 88{e45d71ae6ac4b909f0346737b2dfd9e86ba873d090f0905bdb87f0fa1b30159e} of women suffered from morning sickness but 3 out of 4 have hyperemesis gravidarum. Researchers also discovered that women who suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum can result to problems in their children later in their lives like heart disease and diabetes. For these reasons, pregnant women should treat this disease early to prevent these problems from occurring.

Knowing the Symptoms of Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Usually, women who suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum have similar symptoms like nausea and vomiting several times day. Whenever pregnant women cannot keep any drink or food, they will experience dehydration. For those who aren’t sure whether the symptoms they are experiencing are severe or not, then they can consider other signs and symptoms like excessive weight loss, dehydration, headaches, extreme fatigue, lower blood pressure, muscle weakness, jaundice, mental depression, anxiety, and strong food aversion. Some women also experience urination decline, hence they became dehydrated. Should you notice any of these symptoms or signs, then be sure to call your trusted doctor immediately. Remember that only your doctor can give you effective and safe medicine to control the severe nausea and vomiting. It is vital to treat these symptoms because it can result to dehydration that will place your health and your unborn baby’s health at risk.

There are also alternative treatment options available like consumption of ginger to prevent vomiting and nausea during the early stages of pregnancy. Homeopathy is another option in treating hyperemesis gravidarum. To give you choices on how to treat hyperemesis gravidarum, you should confer and should seek the advice and assistance of your trusted doctors. Remember that only these medical practitioners have the expertise and experience in helping you.

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