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September 25, 2019 @ 4:19 am

How Much Collagen Should One Take On A Daily Basis?
With collagen, it has amazing benefits for the body, but this only happens when you know the right amount to use. However, many people usually ask how much of collagen they should take. This is a concern that many people raise.
The increase in demand for the product has also led to the growth of the collagen market. Reportedly more than 4 million people have embraced the use of the product.
In health facilities also, collagen is used in cosmetic surgeries and also helps to promote healing of wounds. Well, there is an increase in the uptake of cosmetic surgery. The increase of cosmetic surgeries is a critical factor that has led to market growth for collagen.
With an increase in age, collagen levels in the body’s reduce. When this happens, wrinkling, skin sagging and dryness could occur.
Using collagen comes with health benefits for individuals. The important thing is to ensure you know what amount you need to take. Keep reading and get more insight into collagen and how much your body requires.
The protein, collagen, is found in the bones, the muscles and the tendons. Collagen is essential for enhancing the structureand strength of the bones. Note that there are natural collagen and synthetic collagen which comes from supplements.
Collagen is vital for the promotion of skin health. It enhances skin elasticity and hydration. With collagen supplements, they help the body to be able to produce natural collagen. You can prevent aging signs.
As well, collagen is vital when it comes to relieving joint pains. This happens as the collagen protects the joints by maintaining the cartilage. Joint issue, occur more often for the elderly. You should, therefore, use collagen to avoid them.
collagen is also critical for bone health and strength. Thus, taking collagen supplements will ensure that your bone structure remains strong.
As well, collagen stimulates the growth of hair and nails. If you need shiny and bright nails and hair, collagen supplements will sort you out. View here.
At the same time, collagen helps in promoting weight loss and also increase metabolism. Click here.
As you advance in age, collagen levels in your body get lower. Therefore, the body requires collagen on a daily basis to ensure you do not suffer a deficit. You should, therefore, consider collagen supplements. Learn more.
With your daily collagen intake, it is vital to remain consistent. 5000mg (5g) is recommended daily. Read more here.
chicken, pork, beef and fish are some of the sources of collagen. As well, you can go for supplements. Read more.