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October 24, 2019 @ 8:12 am

Mobile Home Earthquake Resistant Bracing Systems

Manufactured homes are lighter than on-site homes, which is an advantaged when seismic forces of earthquakes occur because the seismic forces are proportional to their weight. The factory-built homes are resistant to severe forces and shaking when they are in transit to their permanent site, but these forces are not as strong as seismic forces. Choose earthquake restraint bracing systems (ERBS) based on your home’s location in terms of seismic and wind zones, the height of ground anchors, type of soil, and spacing of the beams. The condition of the foundation and the connection between the foundation and the home will determine the level of impact that the seismic forces will have on the home. Manufactured homes are installed onto earthquake restraint bracing systems (ERBS), which are a series of steel support piers that mitigate the strength of seismic forces. This minimizes the impact of the seismic forces of the earthquake on the home. Here are the advantages of installing earthquake restraint bracing systems (ERBS) in your mobile home.

A mobile home that is installed onto earthquake restraint bracing systems (ERBS) will last longer, even if the area is highly prone to earthquakes. Earthquake restraint bracing systems (ERBS) reduces the strength of the seismic forces to protect the manufactured home from cracking or collapsing. You will be able to save on repair costs for your home in the long run, even if earthquakes frequently occur in your region. Install an earthquake restraint bracing systems (ERBS) in your home today, even if it may be expensive but save yourself from future home repair costs.

York will be safe from being left homeless when an earthquake happens in your region. Your mobile home will not collapse under the impact of seismic forces. Earthquakes’ forces weaken the foundation of a home, but earthquake restraint bracing systems (ERBS) will maintain the strength of the foundation of your mobile home. When other people in the neighborhood will be stressed over finding emergency places to stay because of the calamity, your home will be standing still where it is. Your family will not be severely affected by the earthquake because your home will remain intact.

They increase the value of your manufactured home. You will get more return from the home if you decide to resell the house in the future. A manufactured home that has earthquake restraint bracing systems (ERBS) will attract more customers than the one that does not have it, especially if you are located in an area that is frequently attacked by earthquakes. Buyers need manufactured homes that will not make them spend more after purchasing them; hence, you having an earthquake restraint bracing systems (ERBS) in your home will make more buyers want your mobile home.

Earthquake restraint bracing systems (ERBS) also safeguards the home from strong winds. It has other uses other than making the home resistant to seismic waves. You can have an earthquake restraint bracing system (ERBS) installed in your mobile home if the area is commonly affected by strong winds that can make homes o collapse.

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