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November 24, 2019 @ 12:05 pm

Reasons for Using a Digital Asset Management System

Information is the major reason as to why many companies and businesses alike have grown to the level they have. Having information is very crucial because it allows your business to grow exponentially unlike other businesses that don’t have access to information. One of the things in the organization that are used daily is information. If you want to create monthly or end of the day reports for your company you must have access to information.

Consequently, the protection of data is essential for the organization’s well-being. One of the worst things that can happen to a company is leakage of a company’s sensitive information to the public domain. There are several benefits of using a DAM, but one of them is protecting organizations sensitive information from leaking to outsiders. Many organizations are very pleased with the DAM because it has many advantages to their businesses. If you have a business, and you are yet to transition to the latest methods of storing your company’s information, then you are letting your business to be vulnerable to external and internal threats as well as possible loss of data. The below include the benefits that you will have if you use a DAM.

If you want a DAM system that stores even the metadata of your file, then purchase the most sophisticated DAM there is in the market. If you specifically wish to retrieve a specific file, then you must have a DAM that can even store and recognize metadata of your files.

Secondly, with data management systems, you can harmonize your files. DAMS are not limited by geographical locations of the files. If you have a DAM, you are capable of updating a file that is going to be used in Africa in Asia and anywhere else in the world simultaneously despite the distance. If you want to find out about a file history ensure that you have a DAM for your storage purposes.

You cannot carry out an advanced search without a DAM. Some storage devices are not equipped with the ability to look for a file beyond the file name and the date of the file. DAM are not regular storage system because they can locate even the metadata of your file.

If you have a DAM, you are sure that at all time, your files are encrypted with the latest technology in the market for your security purposes. Unlike middle-level encryptions protocols, DAM encryptions are of the highest level.
Furthermore, your data is replicated for future reference. With DAM it is possible to go back to the previous version after updating your files.

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