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September 25, 2019 @ 4:33 am

Tips to Pick Suitable Daycare Centers in Kew Gardens

Perhaps you are planning to go back to work after you had your first baby. However, the idea of giving someone else your baby from morning to evening is scaring you. Maybe you are afraid that the baby will be hurt or will not receive adequate attention. Relax! These tips will help you select daycare centers in Kew Gardens that provide excellent care to your child.

First, you need to identify the type of baby care you want. There is an option of the group and home daycare. The group daycare resembles the settings of a school. Several children are taken care of in a licensed facility. The caregivers may have early childhood education qualifications that enable them to help students learn the essential information.

On the other hand, you can leave your child at a neighbor or friend’s home. The downside of this option is that several home daycare programs are unlicensed. The caregiver may also lack relevant skills in raising a child in a healthy environment, which leads to your child lacking in vital skills taught in group-based daycare facilities.

Second, look for daycare centers that provide education programs. The lessons may be as simple as organizing bricks or cubes, but they help children learn practical skills. Furthermore, your institution should provide continuous education ranging from infancy, toddler, to early preparatory. Children can learn to walk, crawl, or even use potty from seeing what their colleagues do.

Third, choose a program that is geared towards the mental and physical development of your child. Ask the management whether there are particular skills your child will learn from the institution.
Fourth, ask if the daycare center has other children whom your child will socialize with. You do not want to leave your baby to spend hours in a facility alone. Therefore, contact the institution and ask whether it has other children close to the age of your baby.

Fifth, clarify how much it will cost you to leave your baby at the daycare. In some cases, hiring a nanny can be economical since the individual can help accomplish domestic chores, but you will incur extra expenses of feeding another person. Moreover, if you do not have adequate space to accommodate another person, a daycare center will provide you with an alternative option of providing care to your child at an affordable price.

Sixth, check the reliability of the daycare service. Ensure to consider considering whether the daycare program will fit in your schedule. If you have a 9-5 job, most programs operate between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm. However, if you may require extra hours on top of the day time program, ensure to negotiate with the program managers to determine whether your schedule will fit in.

Finally, you will require considering the number of children the caregiver will be tending at a go. A reliable program should not overburden the caregiver with too many kids to the extent of being unable to provide personalized care.

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